Marvelous Cultured Marble Vanity Picture IdeasMarvelous Cultured Marble Vanity Picture Ideas

It should come as no surprise that any bold color works well with the millions of shades of gray when used right. A bathroom clad in neutral hues also allows you to switch between seasonal accent colors and changing trends without spending a fortune on redecorating. From snazzy reds to

46 Custom Bath Vanity Top Picture Ideas46 Custom Bath Vanity Top Picture Ideas

Despite having to shop for décor and vanity that saves space, one does not really have to forego their ‘style ambitions’ for the bathroom. A small art deco style vanity in the corner can be a big hit and give your bathroom an alternative look that takes it away from

Astonishing Marble Double Sink Picture InspirationsAstonishing Marble Double Sink Picture Inspirations

A bold splash of color in the powder room has become something of a trend in recent times, with homeowners willing to add audacious wallpaper and bright hues to give this small space a huge personality. Much like the other ‘hot trends’, this love for vivacious color might not last

40 Mission Style Television Stand Image Ideas40 Mission Style Television Stand Image Ideas

The perception that wallpaper in the powder room is only useful when you want to usher in bold pattern and bright colors is pretty far off from reality. Even those wanting a stylish and sophisticated black and white backdrop for the powder room can use wallpaper that brings plenty of

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All you need here is the right slab of wood, and the more untreated and rugged it is, the better. Of course, some bathrooms demand a more polished approach to even the live-edge vanity top, but we will get to that later. A beautiful and natural slab of wood acting

Fabulous Where Can I Buy Bathroom VanitiesFabulous Where Can I Buy Bathroom Vanities

The past few seasons have seen plenty of attention being showered on gray and its many shades. When it comes to neutrals, nothing currently beats the charisma and popularity of gray. This obviously means more and more of us are starting to use the color in places where white was

48 One Piece Bathroom Vanity And Sink Picture Ideas48 One Piece Bathroom Vanity And Sink Picture Ideas

This is undoubtedly the most popular way to combine gray and yellow inside the modern bathroom. A gray bathroom gives you plenty of design flexibility, and by keeping the backdrop neutral, you can alter the appeal of the space by simply changing the accent additions. This allows you to switch

44 Lowes Bath Vanity Tops Picture Inspirations44 Lowes Bath Vanity Tops Picture Inspirations

Maybe your bathroom already looks rustic and old-fashioned, but maybe it’s more on the modern side. Either way, a copper tub is a good choice! It will either perfectly match the rest of the rustic interior or be that one vintage element that feels like a soul of the room!

Splendid Bathroom Vanity W SinkSplendid Bathroom Vanity W Sink

It is the rugged natural edge of the vanity top that gives it a unique identity and allows you to create a custom bathroom that is truly exceptional. But it is important to ensure that the lighting around the live-edge vanity is absolutely perfect to bring out its very best

Phenomenal Cheap Bath VanityPhenomenal Cheap Bath Vanity

Each of the Santorini bathtubs is carefully crafted using high-quality recycled copper and it takes several weeks for craftsman to produce one of these metallic delights. Each tub is unique in its detail, making them not only eco-friendly, but also exclusive. If you are not happy with the glittering hammered